For enrolled Camp Chrysalis campers. These forms contain important information about preparing for camp.

Remember, a camper cannot join us until the completed "Personal Information and Permissions" form has been received.

Please Note: Camp Chrysalis has embraced fillable PDFs! While in the past we have asked you to print PDFs, and then fill them out with a pen, this year all PDFs are fillable within the document. This should make it easier for you to fill in the information, and easier for camp staff to read it during camp.

Please make sure your responses fit within the fields. If you know how to add your signature to the PDF you can email the form to Lee Tempkin at If you don’t know how to add your signature to a PDF please note that your printed name will still act as your legal signature. If you’re an analog type of person, you can also print the form out, sign it, and send it to: CAMP CHRYSALIS, 2434 McKinley Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703.

2022 — Summer Campers

Application Form
Concerning Camp Chrysalis

2022 — Enrolled Campers

Personal Information and Permissions Forms
Must be filled out and returned by April 1. Using Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview you can sign this form electronically, if you choose to email it. You can also type your name in signature fields. It will count as a legal signature.
Preparing for Camp
essential to read
Packing List
essential checklist of supplies
Packing List (Backpacking only)
checklist of supplies
your child may want to bring a book
Camping Skills
Health Protocols
of background interest