Mendocino Session: Between Pacific Tides

Trip length
10 days
10 - 16
Monday, June 13 - Wednesday, June 22

Our Mendocino session places us at a large group site at MacKerricher State Park, an ecological wonderland, a short distance from spectacular headlands and sandy beaches. We investigate the local plants around our camp and rise before dawn to explore the rich inter-tidal invertebrate and algal life of the North Coast’s world-class tidepools. Each year, our campers discover new treasures: sea urchins, abalone, octopi, and many species of sea stars.

We visit the spectacular landscape of the sand dunes and their strange ecology at the Ten Mile Dunes. We hike the coastal terraces of Jughandle Preserve up to a pigmy forest, where ancient, fully mature trees are shorter than some campers and spend time in solitude watching the sunset over the ocean.

Time at the beach playing games like “Shoes in the Sand”, woodworking, jewelry making, and seaweed drying and cooking highlight our activities. Due to the ecological abundance of the area, our Mendocino session frequently allows us to experiment with local foods: seaweed salad and thimbleberry and red huckleberry cobblers. We never know what new dishes campers and staff will create!

This Camp Chrysalis session concludes with a five mile catamaran trip up the tidal estuary of Big River to a rope swing and lunch spot. In old redwood logging stands recently preserved by a citizen campaign, we learn first hand the impact of logging and the importance of preserving our natural heritage.